Not everyone can be the President.  In fact only 1 person at a time can be (or approximately 0.0000000025% of the population).  Similarly, not everyone can be a computer programmer or build cars or fly airplanes.  Diversity makes this world go ’round.

The myth that college will make you successful has been one of the most impactful on my generation.  I know too many people with significant college debt but low prospects of making it big.  Too many take their college degree and end up in a job where they don’t need the degree.  Many have no problem with the situation.  They had 4 years of freedom and simply paid to delay their working years.  Individually perhaps a good thing, but collectively….?

The America Legend was built on immigration.  People from outside came to this country and applied their skills to the market.  They made things, provided services and scraped their way to success.  There was an intense focus on doing one thing well.  This is what’s gone today.  Too many of us now believe we must do everything, know about everything.  We must apply ourselves in many directions.  But it’s specialization that leads to opportunity.  Being the best opens the vertical paths to success.  You can’t be the best at everything.

Focus on what you love.  Do it with abandon.