Boomer Mentality

I get frustrated a lot by the Baby Boomers I have to regularly deal with.  My generation and theirs just don’t see eye to eye on how to best get things done.  It can lead to a lot of conflicts.  I’ve learned in my time that Baby Boomers believe in hierarchy.  Therefore they usually aren’t open to finding compromise ways of working.  They’ve done it for 20 years, why should they be the ones to change?  Unfortunately, we Gen Y’s can be a cocky group that believe we know best (and let’s be honest, we probably do).

It seems that we’re at a crossroads.  How do we make this work as Gen Y’s move their way up to positions of some authority but must still accommodate the older gens?

The trick is pre-planning.    Not only must we do the job better but we have to anticipate the classical thinking.  We must create our solution but then learn to sell it.  The sells pitch needs to be focused on how the solution accommodates the traditional while also incorporating some new.

So Gen Y: LEARN TO SELL.  Everything we do will be questioned and critiqued.  If we can’t sell our new ways of thinking to a generation that came up without computers then we’re never going to succeed until the Boomers retire (or another 20 years from now).


2 thoughts on “Boomer Mentality

  1. what a dipshit. “lets be honest, we probably do”. here is your fix, start your own companies like we did, and stop depending on us ignorant, lazy, computer retarded baby boomers to give you a job. while you are at it, learn the meaning of works like ethics, loyalty, respect and commitment, words i have found that the few gen Y employees i hire have no idea what they mean.

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