Just discovered this “Twitter” thing….

So I’ve been writing on boxthoughts for about five months or so now (don’t prove me wrong with “math”, but I know it’s not half a year yet).  Just this past week I decided it was time to see if Twitter could also fit into my view of social media.  Funnily enough it has a unique niche.  So now I’m on the following fairly regularly:

  • Blog
  • Google+ (formerly Google Reader)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Each has a very different use even though I follow some rough subset of the same people on each.  My own participation seems to vary some.  You’ll find posts from here everywhere, but otherwise my use patterns have developed as such:

  • Blog – unique thinking and writing
  • Google+ – share news and stories.  Chat and communicate with friends and acquaintances through the circle system.
  • LinkedIn – industry thinking.  Answer questions within the various categories of expertise that are offered.  Offer assistance to those in need.
  • Twitter – half formed thoughts and links to short/random articles.  The place to incubate and think through new things.

I’ve still yet to find a place in my life for Facebook other than to follow the random happenings of friends.  I rarely post there (other than the occasional “Roll Tide” (I’m not an Alabama fan, I just enjoy saying “Roll Tide”)).  Maybe I’ll find a use eventually as I did with Twitter but for now it’s at the bottom of my personal heap.

And somehow I’m able to keep up with everything.  I must say that the Firefox App Tab function is the one feature that allows me to keep up.  Somehow I’m succeeding at this without compromising the day job.

It’s a wild world we live in, and my voice is slowly becoming one with the rest of the digital herd.

Roll Tide.


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