Disrupting my life….change is good.

I received a Nook for Christmas.  This is surprising because anyone who knows me has heard me go on and on about how the actual books will always be better than a screen.  I’ve been saying it for a couple of years.  It wasn’t a secret.  Apparently I don’t talk to my Aunt much because there it was.  I was in that surprised middle state of curious, skeptical, excited and pure surprise (which in our age of Christmas lists is more and more rare).

So there I was with an unexpected, great gift and a conundrum.  Do I disrupt my strongly held belief that I won’t enjoy it?  Of course I do!  What is life without change or without challenging your beliefs?  So I purchased the book I was currently in the middle of reading and set about trying out this strange device.

Needless to say, that deeply held belief is now changed.  I have found a place for the Nook in my life and am better for it (now we just need e-book prices to be more reasonable).  It hasn’t even been a month – that’s rapid improvement!

What’s the moral?  Constantly challenge your beliefs.  The deeper and more strongly you hold a belief the more often you should let it be challenged.  If you hold a belief that hasn’t been challenged in awhile, what is the purpose of that belief?