Weekend Work

Continuing with the lessons of a long week – had to do some deadline driven work this weekend.  Sometimes it’s important to roll up the sleeves and simply do what needs to be done.  When the only option left is to get things done you learn that it doesn’t matter what happened to put us there.  You learn that it only matters to get the work done.

In life, everyone bears responsibility for something. When you get pulled over for going 59 in a 55 zone, it doesn’t matter that everyone else is usually going faster or that someone else had just passed you.  At some point you probably have done 65 or 70 in that same area for some reason.  Just because the time you got caught you weren’t being as bad as normal doesn’t mean you haven’t earned that ticket.  The same is true in business.  This time it may not be your fault that you are working against that weekend deadline – but you probably caused one before or will cause one in the future.

Accept your ticket with a smile and don’t hold it against people.  Roll up the sleeves and get it done.  Now, if it’s a pattern and happens all the time there’s a process problem – but that doesn’t change the fact that you still have to get it done.


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