Taking what you’re given is easy….but also really hard.

I’m a 28 year old who is constantly checking the mirror hoping to see the grey hairs start coming in.  Consulting – and real estate especially -seems to be all about an air of experience.  If the image doesn’t meet the initial expectation you get put into the wrong category.  The uphill climb is pretty steep after that point but I’ve gotten used to proving myself regularly.

Sometimes all that proving of yourself comes together at the right time.  At some point the universe conspires to put you in the right place at the right time with the right group of people…..the only catch is that you now have to prove yourself all over again and it’s a much more important and ambitious role.  Better put on the big boy pants because it’s in your hand – but you better not let it go.

When you work really hard to put yourself where you want to be sometimes you get there.  You eventually learn that there’s another step after that.  You haven’t actually reached the end of that yellow brick road.  But somehow all that work still seems worth it.

And with that I’m flying back to Atlanta so that I can take the most needed, yet most ill timed vacation of my career.  Watch out people, this is about to get crazy!  Talk to y’all next week (and YES, that’s the correct spelling/use of y’all).