Slow and Steady…keeping the posts coming

I may miss a day every now and then.  I haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve been able to build up a backlog of written ideas or posts that are completed in advance.  Every now and then I’m able to get maybe 5 days ahead but it seems like with every valley there is an immediate peak that follows.

This blog has been a phenomenal experiment.  I’m over 200 posts in – almost to the 9 month mark on my restart which from what I understand usually marks the “give up” point.  The most amazing part is that this process hasn’t broken.  It really can be a sustainable task in everyday.  Sometimes mornings – sometimes lunch – sometimes when it’s time to wrap-up. It’s kept my sanity intact in some pretty crazy times recently.

The key for me has been the rule that no post may take longer than 15 minutes (although some take a bit longer) and each must be written in a single sitting.  Carrying thoughts out over a longer term adds too much to the total time that must be invested.  Coming back and picking up a half completed post takes as much time to reread and catch back up as it does to write a new one.

Cheers to another few months and years of keeping this up!


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