When the going gets tough – call for the horses.

Every leader has their team of people they know that they can call on when things hit the fan.  Companies know which vendors get things done no matter the circumstances.  Friends have those one or two people on speed dial that they can reach out to when times are the worst. When the going gets tough you call in the big guns no matter the price.

Here’s the thing – if you don’t have those horses to ride, your journey isn’t going to be a very long one.  You can only pull the carriage yourself for so long.  Eventually the weight will require more than one person.  If you have no backup – or if your team doesn’t know that they are your team – it’s a very long road.

It’s all part of a relationship though.  If they are your team they need to know it.  They need to have the gear they need and be ready and willing to be put on the spot.


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