Not thinking about the obvious.

Real estate is one of those things that for many companies “just happens.”  When they need to expand a business line they don’t necessarily think about real estate specifically – they will often focus on the business side.  If they have a well informed and involved real estate team, this usually works effectively and they get the infrastructure they need in place, on time and on budget.

If real estate isn’t involved and informed then all of those good plans can go to waste.  Without real estate it is hard to open a new office or setup manufacturing for a new product line.  The time investment in getting the business plan off the grounds begins to lose its luster and opportunity.

I work with too many clients where real estate is an after thought and is only brought in once it becomes a critical path constraint.  Waiting too long hurts what you are doing and the cost of starting early is usually near zero.  But then I may be preaching to the choir.


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