Building what doesn’t exist.

There are many great tools out there for real estate.  Whether on the broker side, client side or landlord side the tools continue to get better.  Real estate is still well behind in terms of technology capability though.  The systems that are out there, while good, still focus on specific use cases instead of flexibility.  Amazingly no one has really figured out that everyone does everything differently – we’re a service industry, no one does things the same way.  It’s our secret sauce that matters.

If some technologists had interest of finding a spot where no one is really playing yet, I have news for them.  There’s a multi-billion dollar industry that is BEGGING for effective technology that no one is building. is good, but let’s be honest, it’s a listing site.  It doesn’t give new content, it doesn’t provide a way to manage a portfolio, it isn’t helping someone figure out how much space they really need.  It’s a great platform to list.  But this industry needs more than just listing.

Today the tech gaps are huge and any number of players could step in and offer capabilities.  One day maybe they’ll show up….


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