8 Rules for this, 10 Rules for that, 5 Ways to do something else

Stop following “the rules” of blogging.  If you really think that some set of rules is going to make your blog successful you really aren’t clear on this whole thing.  Following the rules is the quickest way to become just another “me too.”  It can also be a deathblow to creativity.

Yes, there are a large subset of searchers out there that go looking for the “10 ways to write a 10 point checklist” blog posts.  But you know what?  They aren’t looking to build a relationship with you.  They aren’t interested in what other ideas you bring to the table.  They don’t care about your business or what you do.  They just want that how to.  You’ll get a lot of low quality, non-repeat hits.

So go ahead and pretend you have this thing down.  Me and my 8 current readers will keep slogging through trying to find the voice that fits my area (sort of commercial real estate with a lot of random asides….but then again, isn’t that what CRE is about?).


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