Roles and the chameleon.

Adaptability.  That’s the name of the game we play.  Real estate markets are always changing.  Our clients’ needs are always shifting as their business drifts in different directions.  Sales pitches need to be adapted as the competition catches up to what we are doing.  Adapt or die to paraphrase Darwin.

When you are with groups (business, personal, social) you have a role that you naturally fall into.  That role is based on years of experience in dealing with a specific dynamic and setting.  Sometimes the role that we play is diametrically opposed to the role we would take if that group was to form today with no past experience with each other.  Many groups do not adapt as their members change and grow.

Keep this in mind when you are trying to understand why a pitch works one day and not the next.  Are you really adapting to your new audience and environment?  The key could be that the pitch is fine but your delivery isn’t setup to match who you are talking to.  A good practice is to plan for the first few minutes of every meeting to be setup to help you learn how you should position yourself.  Even the shift from a conference call to a face to face meeting could be enough to change how you should be delivering your pitch.