70% Complete vs. “Good Enough”

There is a lot out there about pushing product before it’s “complete.”  Some businesses and teams are comfortable with delivering a product that is 70% complete and then iterating until it meets the market’s desires.  Then there are the teams that release at 70% complete and believe they are done.  There’s a subtle mindset involved in the delivery process that sometimes sends the signal that says “no more work is necessary.”

However, the 70% delivery rule comes with an immediate corollary:

The two weeks after delivering a 70% product will be the most busy two weeks of the entire product life cycle as you quickly deliver improvements to achieve 95%.

It’s that rapid improvement right after release that is actually the most critical to product success.  A 70% product on its own is obviously incomplete and will be treated as such.  Therefore the necessary input of market opinions from beta testers and early adopters is a critical requirement to the next 25% of development.  It’s the completion of the project aligned with market desires that really marks completion.

Never be “good enough” when delivering.  Always know that the immediate next step is insane improvements to get it over the goal line.


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