Secret (hidden) data gems.

There are sites that have a lot of really cool and probably highly valuable information that is locked away and I’m not even sure that the companies themselves are leveraging.  Things like:

  • LinkedIn:  Who is the most networked man on the internet?  Note that this is probably very different from the person with the most connections.  I wonder if anyone is connected to even 50% of all LinkedIn users through 3rd degree.
  • Facebook:  Which companies have the most active Facebook using employees?  Basically, are there companies that encourage Facebook from work and are still thriving.  Seems like that would be an excellent marketing ploy to get companies to ease up on filtering software.
  •  Ok, which sport is really the most popular and by how much?  Why not show a scoreboard by month of how often each sports homepage was visited?

What’s my angle here?  Scoreboards!  People love to compete and they love to win.  Every website should have some type of fun scoreboard that lets the people on top and gives others a reason to participate more.  Just imagine the additional traffic to ESPN as hockey fans organize a movement to push the NHL up the list to garner interest.  It’s a win, win.


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