One size can fit all – the elastic edition.

Workplaces.  I know I’ve recently talked about all the cool things people should be doing but today let’s talk flexibility.  What’s wrong with giving everyone the same desk.  Take status out of the picture and go with an environment where everyone knows what they’re going to get.  Maybe put in desks a little bit larger than average so that everyone has space to work but otherwise that’s it.

From a process point of view this is great.  You can move people around without needing to find “their” desk type.  No need to align titles with workspaces when someone gets a promotion.  No need to worry about the status of hard wall offices.  Go pure.

Talk about a culture change.  This would really get people to think more about the job than the seat.  Makes the life of CRE easier and certainly creates a corporate standard.  Could be political suicide to recommend it, but could be interesting.


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