Sometimes just doing the basics is enough. Sometimes you have to do more.

Apple power!  They make lots of money and people love their logistics.  But I’m digging this article from Evolving Excellence on why Apple’s supply chain may not actually be that great.

Supply chains are complex beasts.  Any company that deals in physical products understands.  As times change, your needs change.  If you work with Wal-Mart hold on tight.

Apple is able to get away with the basics and they seem to do that very well.  But there is no innovation in their supply chain.  Their logistics is definitely not run the same way as their design and marketing – there are no “risky” moves.  But then, when you’re the biggest company in the world, do you need to take those risks?  Supply chain isn’t a competitive advantage or disadvantage for them, why overthink it.

But if you aren’t Apple, it may not be in your interests to try imitating them.  Your supply chain strategy may have more impact on you than theirs does on them.


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