Talking to yourself to get to the best result.

I have a number of quotes taped to my monitor that I look at every day that I sit at my desk.  But the biggest, most colorful one simply says:  SLOW DOWN.  I see it everyday and I still find it useful.

When I get going on a sales call or project or just in conversation it’s easy for my brain to begin going in 5 directions.  Being pulled so many ways can easily lead to counter-productiveness or even outright confusion.  Then I see that simple yellow note and remember to step back and think about things for a second.  Sometimes the details matter…sometimes they don’t.  Stopping helps you realize which you’re dealing with at that moment.

The other way it helps is by reminding me that just because I’ve heard the talk 1,000 times doesn’t mean the person I’m talking to does.  Sometimes they’ve never even heard of our company beyond just the name.  Going too fast then is a great way to lose the battle even if it’s my best recitation of the pitch of the last 1,000.

We all have our little weaknesses and blindspots.  Find your way of guiding yourself through it.  It may be by talking to yourself.


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