How quickly does your solution break down?

Over the weekend my Keurig coffeemaker died.  It was quite the traumatic event because it’s my lifeblood for awake-keeping caffeine.  It didn’t die violently, it just sort of stopped accepting electricity and turning on.  Imagine my surprise when I find online that this isn’t uncommon.  Neither is my reaction – time to go buy another one even if this could happen again.  People love their Keurig’s.

Which brings me to you.  How long after someone uses your service is it until something goes wrong?  When a transaction occurs we often think of it as not something that needs cultivation.  But the reality is if the client runs out of space 1/2 way through their term and has no options for addressing that new requirement there is an issue in the product you delivered.  What’s your resolution to correct it?

In Keurig’s case, it seems they are more than willing to make customers right by shipping new or discounted replacements even when the issue occurs out of warranty.  There’s a problem, there’s a solution.  May not be optimal, but there is an attempt.

So what’s yours?


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