Lean Real Estate – the ultimate oxymoron?

Went through a Lean refresher yesterday and was thinking about how it applies to real estate (how doesn’t it?), technology and data.  Pretty fascinating to think about applying waste reduction principles to what in many cases is a cost center.  Should be a no brainer right?

Some key points to ponder:

  • Are your processes standardized?  What’s the cost (hidden most likely) of not being standardized?
  • What is the waste?  How many times are you handling the location information to get what you need?
  • How much time are you spending thinking about things that don’t matter, won’t save you money, and won’t make life easier for anyone in your organization?
  • Why haven’t you thought about this before now?

Now go to Wikipedia – type in Lean – read.  Concepts seem basic but can add a ton of value.


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