Been way too quiet around here….yeah, I know.

So apparently blogs still don’t have the ability to write themselves.  I’m really going to have to submit a feature request to WordPress about that.  How handy would it be to simply have an app that replicates a post you’d be likely to make given your influences and post topics… that’s something intriguing.

But anyway.

Quiet time is underrated.  One of the things about getting away and not letting the world know is that you are completely on your own.  If something goes wrong there’s no plan.  If the phone rings no one knows why you didn’t answer.

But what it gives you is perspective.  Stepping away from what you assume are your responsibilities shows you what is really important.  Who was it that actually called 4 times and the problem didn’t go away?  When you didn’t post for a few days how many messages did you get about it?  Suddenly you can better see where to put your effort.  Amazing process.  Stop working so that you can find out where to actually work!


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