The romance of days lost.

I’m going to go all geeky on folks around here and point you to a fabulous webcomic called Dinosaur Comics.  The premise is simple – everyday uses the exact same panel sequence and images, the only thing that changes is the text and conversation.  It’s taking the concept of a limited canvas and using it to expand creativity in lots of different directions.

Being a webcomic, it’s often not applicable to what I really try and talk about but Thursday’s….well, go see it first.

There’s this concept going around that nothing should ever be lost.  With digital cameras and video recorders in no fewer than 3 devices most people carry all the time, why shouldn’t we capture the moment for all time?  Why not then share it on Facebook or Google+ or that blog we write for others to enjoy with us?

I don’t know about you, but it’s the things that stay with me because I want them to be mine that are most powerful.  The memory of the sunset over the water while just sitting in a chair doing nothing but watching with wonderful company.  Not worrying about the modern world or if mom would like this shot or if it would make a good case study or…….no.  Just the moment.  I go back through pictures on Facebook and can’t remember half of those memorialized moments anymore.  Obviously critical that they were documented!

Sometimes I worry that this world is losing the romance of memories.  Losing the romance of just having those moments that are ours that we don’t need to share with anyone else.  Remember to be selfish sometimes.  Think of yourself and those you care about first.  Just enjoy the passing of time – something that no one has yet figured out how to capture in video or picture.