What is a “location”? #cre

To most it should seem obvious what a location is.  It’s where we live, work, play, eat, sleep, whatever.  A location is an address or a building or some other physical point in space.

But what happens when we step back and a location becomes something more.  Location could be a community, city or metro-area.  Maybe it’s a state or a region even.  At that level location becomes something less tangible – it becomes a make up of many locations – Inception style.

Instead of stepping back, maybe we zoom in.  Location can also refer to a floor, suite or even a seat.  Depending on the context at hand location is not always easy to define.

It’s this ambiguity at the definition level that allows us in CRE to really differentiate.  Those who understand that location is some intangible, difficult to understand concept can step up and deliver.  Those that think of location as an address or city will always miss the bigger picture and never drive that alignment of real estate and operation.


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