Real Estate is a reflection of your #culture

Big money these days are spent by organizations trying to change their culture.  Experts are brought in to advise on everything from hiring strategies to the way executives should address employees.  Sometimes there are even efforts to dramatically change the workplace environment.  The problem with all of this is that employees can see beyond the window dressing.

To really understand the culture of an organization go to one of their larger, older (3+ years) facilities.  Culture can be jump started over any given short period of time.  It’s like date make-up.  Put some on for a big night out but if it’s not you then come the next weekend you’ll be back to your regular style.

That regular day-to-day will always come back around.  Culture changes over time – sometimes for the best, sometimes not.  It’s your real estate that will let you know where you are really at.


3 thoughts on “Real Estate is a reflection of your #culture

  1. There are very different approaches to business between those organization types. Amazing how successful companies that focus on culture can be!

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