Evolving technology requires your team to evolve as well

One of the areas that is often ignored around new technology (and particularly around CRE technology) is that if users don’t buy in it doesn’t matter how cool or useful it is.  Any new application requires users to change their behavior in some way.  If users willingly do so then you have a likely success.

But what happens when users adapt the system but your internal team is still hesitant?

What happens when you build a tool within an existing organization that seems to have tremendous (and proven) market success but there are internal teams that aren’t open?  It’s the untold story of innovation that fights for its rightful place in the lineup.  Depending on the role of those that aren’t open to switching it can be easy or difficult to push past resistance.

In legacy businesses there are often those that are very set in how they do work and change is undesirable.  It’s important to work even closer with these groups to ensure that you are giving them what they need for their personal success.  If you can get these to your side they will be your biggest advocates.

However, if you can’t win them over it’s time for Door 3 and identifying new opportunities.


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