Teaching the old dog new tricks….how’s that working for you? #frustration

When you try to train a 10 year old dog new ways of doing the things it’s done all its life it’s a difficult process with a high failure rate.  A few times here and there they participate and do what you want but only if they think you are watching.  But after that the reversion back to old habits kicks in.

Same is true with all human conditions.  A person will let you know what they are going to do.  Trying to fight it is like trying to get Apple to release an open version of the iPhone through a letter writing campaign.  It just isn’t going to happen.

I hate watching people run at the wall time and time again.  But after a certain point telling them that the wall isn’t going to fall down when they hit it this time isn’t going to work (I’m not going to run at my own wall).  When people get stuck in that never ending loop of “it will work THIS time” it can be a painful process to watch.


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