#Technology and #Lean – don’t waste your development funds

What is technology?

Take a step back and really think about it.  What is technology? Contemplating?

Alright, now that we’ve all properly reflected – technology isn’t anything.  It is simply the concept of tools that allow for improved processes, performance and record-keeping.

I’ve seen too many people in the last few years think that Technology is something to be sought after.  They are very, very wrong.  Technology is a tool to be used to solve specific problems.  Technology for technology’s sake can only create more problems than it solves.  There is no value to a tool that has no process it is addressing.

This also goes to the heart of Lean.  Good technology improves processes and helps eliminate waste.  If your tool doesn’t reduce times or lead to better/faster solutions what is it doing?  Maybe it’s just acting out the roll of fancy windowing dressing to be used in your sales discussions.

Good luck with that model.