Don’t just talk about it, prove it in the pitch – Put your #MoneyWhereYourMouthIs

I find it entertaining to sit through sales pitches about all the great things vendors can do for me where they sit in PowerPoint the whole time.  I never leave a PowerPoint based meeting feeling confidence in someone’s ability to deliver.  PowerPoint is the ultimate sales crutch – it enables people with no capabilities to pretend that they do.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think Real Estate professionals are worse than most at this.  I see more PowerPoint presentations talking about “how we do it” and videos about technology that never show the technology in action.  How is this supposed to sell you?  Why aren’t you actually proving it?

I take pride every time I pull out an Excel model, live dashboard, or mapping application in a sales pitch and see the client walk up to the monitor and start pointing and asking questions.  It’s almost like they’ve never seen another provider actually show how work gets done – and usually they haven’t.  If you aren’t doing this already you’re probably going to be falling further and further behind.

Good luck catching up.


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