The joys of #uncertainty and how it can make you stronger

Uncertainty is a wonderful thing which will allow you to open up capabilities you never even knew you had.  Whether it is uncertainty of what your tasks are, your job description, what “success” looks like in your world or something else entirely, uncertainty can be a wonderfully freeing concept.

In real estate, uncertainty is a fact of life.  Clients have little growth certainty at a given site.  Market rates are a known point of seemingly random fluctuation.  Winning assignments can even seem random and uncertain.  And yet many professionals seem to thrive in this environment.  In fact, they not only thrive but accomplish things that may be impossible in more certain environments.

Why do they excel where others fail?  I’d like to posit that it’s because they focus on what’s important at any given moment instead of on “what they are supposed to do.”  Having certainty provides a crutch.  If A happens then I do B.  But that hard thinking eliminates the opportunity for exceptions.  Any exception fouls up the system and hurts everyone.  Structured thinking puts you in a position of not doing what actually needs to get done.

So throw out convention and live with some uncertainty!


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