Go ahead and play – goofing off and the increase of productivity.

If CNN runs the article, you know it has to be true.  Goofing off at work is the new productivity booster.

But this makes sense if you step back and think about it.  If stress is the ultimate productivity killer, then relaxation must be the ultimate productivity improver.  Taking time for the mental recharge can put a person back in the mood to get things done.

For better or worse, we’re all dealing with people and our natural tendencies.  If we’re worn out and beat down, it’s going to take 4 hours to do 30 minutes worth of work.  But when we are propped up and looking forward to the day we’re likely to do 2 hours of work in 30 minutes.

And really that’s what it is about – getting the most out of the time you are given.  We may work in a 40 (*cough* 75 *cough*) hour work week but that doesn’t mean you are going to get 40 hours of heads down work.  The goal is to get 40 hours or more worth of production within that window.  Sometimes it’s achieved in the first 2 days.  Other times it may take 2 weeks to get to that production.

Anything that pushes production up is a winner.  Forget the actual number of hours worked and focus on the production because that is the only thing that matters.


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