Stretching the comfort zone

Last night I became the newest member of the Android custom mod family.  I am now running CyanogenMod 10 on my HTC One S.  It was quite the ordeal setting everything up and getting it running.  To sum it up.

  • Wow this isn’t so bad.
  • Ok, this is weird.
  • Ummmm…….
  • ……did I just erase my phone?
  • Oh no, I think my phone is completely dead.
  • Come on Google, save me now.
  • Alright, back on track.
  • Whew, saved.
  • Oh wow, it’s done and finished!

Start to finish in the process was about 2 hours of fun.

With the above description some of you may be asking why I would do this if I had a perfectly good working android phone before this.  And that’s a great question because I was asking myself the same thing about 60 minutes into the process.

I did it because I was no longer up to speed on the latest and greatest technology processes.  I hadn’t built any code or put any custom programming in place in awhile.  I felt like I was losing touch on the latest and greatest.  Without occasionally pushing the boundaries of your capabilities you can’t know the direction of other systems.

Long story short- don’t do this yourself unless you feel comfortable with cmd prompts and custom sdks.  But if you do, I’m really enjoying my suddenly new seeming phone.


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