CRE Tech Rule 6: Keep it simple, simple, simple!!!

Keep it simple, simple, simple!!!

That’s right, keep it simple.  When you start off in a technology free zone you have ample room to grow.  Don’t try to do too much too soon.

I played trombone in Jazz band through college.  One of the best rules I learned is that gaps in the music can be more beautiful than more notes.  White space can be your friend.  Fewer functions rather than more is your friend.

When you are working with people with no current tools, something is better than nothing.  You aren’t trying to solve the industry’s technology woes – you are trying to address a very specific problem statement.  Stay laser focused on that particular problem.  When people start coming to you looking for more functions take it under advisement, but let simple and edited be your guide.

The temptation is going to be there to try and fit more and more and more into your solution.  Resist the urge and know that less really can be more.  A focused solution will find more users (both early on as well as later through the process).  You can always build a second technology or a third once you find a new problem statement to address.


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