All 10 rules to make your CRE technology better.

Well, we’ve survived.  And selfishly I’ve never received better reader quantities over any comparable period so I guess I struck a nerve.

For those that like recaps:

  1. Ignore the current user, focus on the future audience.
  2. Act as if everything you know about the industry is wrong.
  3. Focus on the visual!
  4. Release the Alpha, Beta, RC1, etc versions for early use. Feedback is critical.
  5. Understand that your audience is going to change every 6 months.
  6. Keep it simple, simple, simple!!!
  7. If you try to make everyone happy, you’ll end up making no one happy.
  8. Discover your super users early. What they say should be gold, all other input is second tier.
  9. Never let a written specification get in the way of a good idea.
  10. If it’s broke, fix it!

And that’s it.  As simple as that.  If you follow these rules you will make your CRE technology better.  You’ll push yourself, your competitors and your industry to another level.

Argue that they are obvious if you want, but sometimes someone needs to state the obvious.  Surprisingly sometimes people forget all about the obvious and just go ad lib whatever it is they are doing.  Ad libs are fine, but they need to be done within a set of boundaries.

Hopefully this helps.  If not, I didn’t get an insurance policy out on it so don’t hold me accountable!


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