You should be angry today.

A quick time out from what I normally talk about.  But it’s worth it because the news of the last week impacts every person, industry and business in the US.

Government sanctioned spying on US citizens has been taking place since 2007.  The NSA collects data from Verizon on all calls (and if they get it from Verizon, they likely get it from everyone else too).  The NSA has real time access to data on anyone they want through the FISA courts.  And the worst part is that the President and much of Congress supports this in the name of “fighting terrorism.”  And now the analysis of legal precedents and laws seems to conclude that everything being reported is not only true, but legal.

It’s time for us all to be angry that our rights are no longer important enough for our government to care about.

No links because everyone should read about it from the sources they trust.  Everyone is covering it.  Although, sadly, it took a non-US source to even break the news (thanks Guardian!).  Now hopefully the whistleblower (because that’s what he is) can be regarded as a hero instead of being prosecuted (and persecuted) by the government as he and everyone else suspects will happen.


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