When your manager thinks he can do everything, mistakes happen.

Oh, Microsoft.  Business Schools could create entire courses on the decisions you have made over the past decade.  Sadly, most have been confusing and misguided.  This week we get the latest with Steve Ballmer taking over the XBox division.

Gamers are a particular breed.  They care about the things they care about and Steve Ballmer has never proven that he knows he can speak to that group.  And yet, here we see him stepping in to an already messy situation as the new lead.

He may not do anything other than ensure that the team operates as they have been.  But he will also be the one that has to resolve any emergencies that come up in the near future.  If I was the XBox team, this wouldn’t be my ideal situation.

But what does this mean to your decisions?  Be careful when stepping in to a new position.  Who you are and who you are perceived to be (nothing to do with your capabilities) will have an impact on future success.


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