Balancing employee satisfaction with the needs of the business – or when not to balance.

One of the key areas of real estate is understanding the impact that decisions will have on the employee population.  Employee satisfaction impacts ability to hire, turnover, productivity, innovation and many other areas.  Unhappy employees (in bulk) are best avoided where possible.  Or so the theory goes.

But at times it becomes important to make decisions that many (most) employees may not like.  This may be moving from an office with a cafeteria to one without.  Significant cost savings possibly but a direct impact to every employee’s day.  The same is true for work from home or seat sharing strategies.  You are making a decision that impacts many employees daily schedule.  Trying to balance the decision with Employee Satisfaction becomes a null point because you know going in it will only be negative.

Sometimes you just have to rip off the band-aid and make the decision right for the business.  Balancing needs is good if you could go in one of many possible directions but balancing can lead to half-decisions when a decision is being made for a particular reason.


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