It’s not about where you start – it’s about how you move forward.

There has been a lot of internet chatter about the excellent Android vs. iOS post from Paul Stamatiou.  He gives a pretty complete rationale for why he has made the switch from Apple to Android.  But I’m not here to write about Apple vs. Android – you will each make your own decision on which to use based on personal preferences.

No- this is a CRE focused blog and the same post offers serious things to consider when thinking about technology.

I bought the very first G1 phone not quite 5 years ago when it first came out.  It was raw, incomplete and couldn’t stand on its own against Apple.  Two years later the G2 came out and it arrived on my doorstep on release day.  It was far superior to the G1.  But it was still raw, incomplete and not comparable to the iPhone.  A year after that the Samsung Galaxy S2 came out and completely change the game.  Suddenly Android was holding its own against iOS.

Cut to now.  For most of the world, Android is the dominant platform and no matter what kind of phone you want, Android can meet or exceed your needs for your price range.

This has been an evolutionary path.  And the point was that Google didn’t wait for equality to release their product, they put in out there and kept making it better.  They won over advocates and got a lot of great partners who helped them keep pushing.  And over time they became the best.

THAT is the lesson you should take away.  Don’t be afraid to release when you are only 70% of the way to where you want to be.  Just make sure you are willing to follow through and keep improving.  Being the first out the door can win you a lot.  But being the last one standing is the most important factor.  There is no lead that can’t be overcome and no set of features that can’t be improved.

So go out and release what you have.  Get yelled at by clients for not being perfect.  Make them happy by then delivering what matters to them.  Get them to buy-in to what you are doing.  Let them guide you farther down the road.  But get it out there and don’t be afraid of not winning on Day 1.


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