500 posts. Another milestone for me with this blogging thing. Can’t stop now I guess.

I honestly had no idea this one was coming up.  It’s actually a bit of a surprise because I didn’t notice until I was about 7 away.  My last major milestone was 300 posts and 1 year of continuous blogging last August.  So in the last year I’ve posted 200 new posts.  That works out to about 3.8 posts per week.  I have to say that is a bit below my goal but better than I expected to be.

Last year at this time I mentioned that I had never felt more creative.  This year it’s a bit of a different feeling.  The blog has been a sea of normalcy amidst a wild  year of work.  It’s been a lot of really good work but it’s been non-stop.  Spending my ~2 hours a week on this has been a way to step back and refocus on what needs to happen next.

So thanks to everyone who has helped along this way.  Next milestone should have a bit more gap between this one.

Also- not sure if my audience of 4 people would agree or not- but I feel like my writing is becoming more fluid and cohesive.  My ability to put my thoughts down in a rational manner seems to be improving which hopefully also makes it easier to read what I write.

Also also- with 2+ years under my belt I am starting to see a bit more readership as well which is exciting.  Rarely are there weeks where I wonder if my ideas are getting out into the world.


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