Shaking off the rust yields all kinds of new ideas

I may have mentioned that I’ve been immersed in a single project over the last many months.  Only recently have I gotten out and back into other things like sales.  And specifically, exactly the kind of sales engagement I was working on a year ago.

But somehow this time it was different.  I saw everything with a new set of eyes. What we considered best-in-class 8 months ago I now look at as hopelessly outdated and behind the times.  And I’m inspired to fix it and do something new with it.  Maybe it’s the rust coming off or the freedom of being back out in sales or just another 8 months of time having gone by, but something is different and it is inspiring.

My writer’s block from a month ago has not only disappeared but disintegrated.  At one point I had about 8 posts queued up, written and ready to go.  And I haven’t fallen back yet. I can’t contribute it to the time away from other things exactly but it feels that way.

It feels as if the time away is the difference.  I had time to subconsciously think about all of the things I used to do and how I would do them better.  Or maybe my brain simply had an opportunity to forget my feelings around everything from before and reapproach it from entirely new angles.

What does this mean for you?  Go back and visit a field or a topic you haven’t gone to in awhile and see if it reignites something within you to do better.  It’s a great feeling.