It’s been so long, that I’ve earned a label.

I’ve been with my firm for 6 years and 9 months.  I joined when there were a total of only 20 people in our entire Consulting and Project Management team.  We’re a bit larger than that now.

But when I joined, I was in both the Consulting and PM teams.  No one knew where to put me.  But in short order I was firmly in the land of strategy consulting.  People learned that if there was a large Excel file, they could throw it at me and I could tell them what they needed to know.  I would slice and dice the data to understand new angles to the problem.

That lasted for a few years until I got into leading my own projects and building new tools to help back fill me.  Suddenly we had a technology group (this is not to say that I built a technology team by any stretch of the imagination – just that I was there on Day 1 helping figure out how we were going to do things).  This new technology group had some tools that really set us apart and became a service line all on their own.

Fast forward a couple more years to an internal conference we had.  Suddenly I found myself as Mr. Technology.  Which is funny because at no point did I ever set out to be in that role or move in those directions.  It happened because there was work that needed doing and I set out to do it.

And that’s the moral of this little story.  If you do great work and put yourself out there you can develop a brand all to yourself. But it requires getting out and doing the work.

(But really I was just looking to reminisce a bit.)

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