Accountability and delivery. The only metrics that really matter.

When I work with people these are the only metrics that really matter.

  1. Do they hold themselves and others accountable for delivery?
  2. Do they actually deliver products and solutions?

Using these metrics makes it easy for me to set expectations with the people I work with.  It also helps because they are aligned with the incentives I want others to use to drive themselves.  When I have to get after people it is always because they didn’t do one of these two things.

Accountability doesn’t mean to do it alone just like meeting and exceeding expectations doesn’t mean it must be done alone.  These are trickle down metrics that should be held all along the chain.  Trust but verify becomes the statement of the day.  Everyone is allowed to fail (I fail more than my fair share of times); what we are not allowed to do is not learn from failure.

An excuse can be made for anything.  But excuses do not change the facts.  The same is true with delivery.  We can make all kinds of excuses for not getting something out the door, but they fact will remain that nothing was delivered.  Excuses cannot change the fact that it is not done.


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