5 Easy Steps to Becoming a CRE Geek Without Losing Your Street Cred.

  1. Fall in love with data.  If you need to know what is going on, it’s data that will tell you.  If you want to provide your clients with value, you do that by giving them data.  If you run any level of financial models, you use data regularly already.  Don’t fight it, embrace it.
  2. Don’t be afraid of proactive clients.  The internet is the great equalizer and clients can see most of the same things that you can.  Proactive clients armed with information are your friend because they understand the issues and problems you face, you don’t have to pretend that you know everything.  Instead, they want your experience in working in this environment.  You are free to be yourself, are more appreciated and don’t have to do as much work!
  3. Triple your networking base over morning coffee.  Networking is the lifeblood of CRE.  Old school networking involves lots of travel (even locally) and joining lots of groups.  New school networking is all about using tools to find the people you know and having them come to you.  But you have to put yourself out there and increase your digital footprint to make it happen.  A little proactivity goes a long way.
  4. Get to know some real geeks and take them out to breakfast/lunch/dinner.  They typically love to share what they know and want to network with you!  Create a partnership and help them help you.
  5. Forget everything you know about CRE on a weekly basis.  This is the hardest one because it requires some regular personal growth.  Treat CRE like it’s the Technology sector and growing like crazy.  Find new ways of doing things every week.  Add to your arsenal of tools so that you put yourself on a path to dominate the CRE world with cutting edge tools and capabilities in everything you do.

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