When IT gets in the way of productivity, workarounds will be used.

I work from home.  Most days it’s a blessing.  Other days it can present challenges.  One of the main challenges is accessing files on the corporate drives when I must connect to VPN and hope for the best.

VPN is a great technology for many things.  However, when deployed wrong it makes life slower.  Whenever I access VPN my page load times go from <0.5 seconds to >15 seconds.  Receiving emails less than 1mb in size becomes a minute long task.  If a large email comes through my computer may in fact seize up.

The point of this is that if you utilize technology to try and enable capabilities for your employees, clients or others you should make sure it works as intended and does not in fact make it harder for them to work.  When users are faced with slow services they will find workarounds 100% of the time and avoid those things that cause delays other than when absolutely necessary.


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