Information overload managed by #tech. My personal online information management setup.

There is a lot of data out there in the world and I enjoy collecting and reading as much of it as I can.  Here’s my setup, I would love to know yours so that I can add to my collection of tools:


  • 100+ RSS feeds primarily from blogs.  Grouped by category (technology, CRE, news, books, etc.)
  • 20+ Google Alert feeds on keywords I follow (my company, real estate, topics of interest)

Tweetdeck (PC)/Tweetcaster (Android Widget)

  • Follow my active timeline.
  • Follow specific hashtags and users of interest.


  • Random posts by engaged writers.
  • Very unique perspectives on topics I wouldn’t typically read about.

Direct Websites (anything with too many daily articles to easily fit in Feedly without blowing it up)

  • Sports
  • World News
  • Politics

That is how I manage most of my news.  I have never been able to get into Podcasts because I can’t keep myself still enough for the time required to listen to them all the way through.


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