On finding inspiration for what to write.

I can’t believe that we’re a month and a half into the new year.  Not sure where 2014 is going but it’s clearly doing it in a souped up muscle car.

Anyway, it’s been a difficult year so far for blog topics (although I have written a handful of longer posts over at medium.com).  I keep finding little things to write about none of them really speak to me.  In part this is because a lot of the topics that I want to write on are probably best kept for another day due to circumstances.

It’s not writer’s block, it’s a lack of inspiration.  I want to write about topics that carry at least some small amount of meaning.  Writing a short post on a throw away topic just doesn’t interest me.

Writing is a merging of personal thoughts, external topics that may be interesting and a central “theme” for the point of publication.  These three separate points must come together for a topic to really register for me.  Lately it’s that third that has inhibited me from really putting more here.

The point?  Just that it is important to write for yourself as it is for the audience.  Don’t let rules stand in the way of what makes you comfortable.  If the rules don’t fit, change them!


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