Microsoft’s problem with the #Surface.

Microsoft wants to compete badly with the iPad and Android tablets.  So badly that they’ve decided their best bet is to create a Productivity Tablet.  As such, their Surface tablet is more laptop than tablet because it uses a laptop OS and has laptop functionality.

Tablets are not just form factors, it’s a different way of working.  In order to actually fit into the tablet space you must create an experience that works better on the go than sitting still at a desk.  Surface is better used sitting down than on the go.  The best way to understand the difference is would it work in a smaller form factor – Surface would make a horrific 8″ tablet experience.

As a laptop Surface works very well.  It’s the most versatile laptop experience ever created.  The first laptop that can work well in a car, plane, coffee shop, or desk.  But that still doesn’t make it a tablet.

This is why the Surface will never beat iOS or Android in the tablet space.  It’s simply not a tablet, it’s a laptop.  And honestly, Microsoft is marketing it as such as well.


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