10 Top Posts from the Past Year

I was trolling through the summaries of my most viewed posts from the last 365 days and felt a little nostalgic.  So here, for your pleasure is the list:

  1. How not to please your customers….Dilbert kills RSS support.  Dilbert, the source of a million office jokes, becomes one of its own by irritating fans and removing a simple way of viewing the daily comic.
  2. Why global #workplace standards will never take off.  Are global standards actually ever going to come about?  The industry has been talking about them for over a decade.  My guess is no.
  3. #CRE Videos – doing video right is hard.  Apparently the world loves video.  I need to see if I can better understand this trend….
  4. 5 Easy Steps to Becoming a CRE Geek Without Losing Your Street Cred.  Geeks meet Street Cred?  I think I captured some inner feelings from many in CRE out there.
  5. Staged headshots and trying too hard.  Quit trying so hard, world.  A picture says a thousand words….sometimes they aren’t good words.
  6. Management is dead. Long live innovation.  In an era where companies are changing, turnover is high and data rules, how will decisions be made to drive long-term growth?
  7. Effective CRE comes down to imagination – a reply to @dukelong.  This one is simple.  Follow Duke Long.  Twitter, blog, whatever.  I only agree with about 50% of what he says or writes but he always has his fingers on the pulse of CRE.
  8. You should be angry today.  Revelations about the NSA are still arriving on a regular basis.  I am still angry over it but am hopeful as signs slowly spring up showing that Washington may act (finally) to fix the problems (some of them).  Privacy does matter.
  9. Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX and Ingenious Design.  Another simple one – Elon Musk is shaping the future.  We’ll see if he can deliver on it but either way his ideas will drive the next generation of American innovation.
  10. Thinking to the future. Where is #CRE going in the next 3 years? – #CREFuture.  Everyone wants to know the future.  My guess is as good as yours.

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