Everyone should argue for sides they disagree with.

Playing Devil’s Advocate can be extremely fun.  Being someone who enjoys arguing and debate it’s a position I often take when discussions start getting too friendly or one-sided.  No one grows when they aren’t challenged – survival of the fittest and all that.

Let’s say that you are a big believer that digital piracy is a business opportunity for companies more than a crime.  You should spend a month arguing the other way because you will understand the nuances of the other side’s argument better.  No issue is ever completely black and white.  Even the topic of murder is not black and white given “Stand Your Ground” laws and self-defense arguments.

Another benefit of arguing sides you don’t necessarily agree with is that you may find yourself changing your way of thinking on the topic.  Accepting new arguments can make your beliefs more complete or at least strengthen your original arguments if you can’t convince those you are debating the value of your arguments.

The best part of this approach is the strength it gives to any recommendation you may give a client.  If you can argue both sides of an issue effectively, you give a greater level of confidence to the recommendation you are making.


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