I hope that I offend some people.

Not with this post necessarily but in general.  If I don’t offend someone, sometime then I’m likely not doing my job right.

There are people in this world that do a terrible job when it comes to doing their job.  They don’t do what’s needed, don’t take constructive feedback and refuse help.  Similarly, some companies need to be shocked into doing things the right way.

Telling someone that you are not willing to do work for them because they aren’t ready for the right answer would naturally be offended that you won’t help them.  But sometimes the truth hurts and forces people to reflect on where they really are at versus where they want to believe they are.  Just because someone has an issue that needs to be fixed doesn’t mean they are ready for the fix.

Some will say that if they are willing to pay for the work and let you do what you are supposed to, then why not go ahead and do the work?  I hope that most out there believe it’s because getting to the right answer is less than half the solution, the majority of the work lies in actually putting the solution into place.  My time is too valuable to spend simply chasing the dollars that could be earned off of bad results.

I’d much rather have great overall outcomes and slightly reduced income today than have great income today and no results to show for it.  This is why I’m willing to offend people by saying they aren’t ready for a solution.  More than happy to help them get to the right point but not going to do more than they need.


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