If Twitter drops the 140 char limit, then what’s the point of the service?

The point of Twitter as I understand it is to allow people to communicate in short bursts online.  To get a stream, you need lots of little messages flying around.  But more and more people are wanting them to raise the limit on the number of characters allowed in a tweet.  But the entire purpose of twitter was to force people to start a stream of information which is much more difficult to start with longer posts.  The more people need to write, the less likely they are to participate.

If Twitter removes the 140 character limit, what’s the point of the service?  At that point it would really be no different than an annoying WordPress.  Twitter forces you to see information streams.  WordPress offers up content.

I’m curious to see if the move happens and what it could do to the service.  I know I’m not one who likes artificial limitations on digital tools but this one is different.  It forces a unique way of thinking and communicating that otherwise wouldn’t exist.


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