Asana’s Management and Design Philosophy is a good one

Hey CRE – here’s one for you.  An interesting little program called Asana.  Quartz has written up a great piece running down how they do what they do with only 65 employees.  Long story short – avoid social media features and focus on the work.  Seems like a great concept.

Full disclosure- I’m a past user of Asana that never really got into it because it didn’t fit well with our existing workflow or how we were trying to use it.  With that said, it was always easy to use, streamlined and relatively intuitive.

In CRE the whole goal is to work with small teams to collaborate on projects.  Efficiency is the rule.  Asana is built around that idea of efficiency without management.  Sounds like every project I’ve ever worked on.  There’s really no catch other than adapting your workstyles to the way the technology works.